Refugee Resettlement Photo Exhibit

Over the last couple months, I worked on a photography project for Harrisonburg’s Immigration and Refugee Program, through Church World Service.  I photographed the Amine family; refugees from Eritrea.  They opened up their home to me while I documented part of their daily lives.  I enjoyed getting to know them and looked forward to seeing their smiling faces at every visit.  I along with several other photographers will be showing some of our photos at Clementine’s this coming Friday June 7th, make sure to come check them out!01_IMG_6777 05_IMG_6819 04_IMG_6811 03_IMG_6724 02_IMG_6762

06_IMG_675707_IMG_0612 10_IMG_0614 09_IMG_0595 08_IMG_061711_IMG_0669 16_IMG_0732 15_IMG_0725 14_IMG_0804 13_IMG_0802 12_IMG_0770 23_IMG_1046 22_IMG_1045 21_IMG_1037 20_IMG_0995 19_IMG_0947 18_IMG_0918 17_IMG_0832

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